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Cement Facts

History of Cement
Cement Industry in Malaysia
Manufacture of Ordinary Portland Cement
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Cement Grinding
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Cement Grinding

The cooled clinker is fed into the finish grinding mill (which is a tube mill) and ground to a fine powder. At this stage a small quantity of gypsum (3-5%) is added to control the setting time of cement produced.
Item CaO.SiO2 2CaO.SiO2 3CaO.Al2O3 4CaO.Al2O3.Fe2O3
Abbreviated formula C3S C2S C3A C4AF
Common Name Alite Belite - -
Principal impurities MgO, Al2O3 , Fe2O3 MgO, Al2O3 , Fe2O3 SiO2, MgO , alkalies Ferrite phase , SiO2 , MgO
Common crystalline form Monoclinic Monoclinic Cubic, Orthorhombic Orthorhombic
Range present (%) 40-60 16-30 7-15 7-12
Average in OPC (%) 50 25 8 8
Reaction with water Medium Slow Fast Medium
Contribution to strength  
Early Good Poor Good Good
Ultimate Good Excellent Medium Medium
Heat of Hydration Medium Low High Medium
(cal/g) 120 60 320 100
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