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Raw Materials Proportioning & Grinding

The raw materials are extracted from the storage silos via weigh-feeders. The materials are conveyed to the grinding mill and are ground to a suitable fineness , called raw meal at this stage. This is then stored in a blending silo and blended to ensure homogeneity. The proportions of the 3 components are controlled by the continuous sampling and testing of this raw meal. The raw meal chemical composition is determined by the use of an x-ray fluorescence analyzer. This is linked to the computer which will automatically adjust the weigh-feeders , so that the resultant raw meal stored in the blending silo meets the preset parameters. After blending this material is then discharged into the storage silos ready for the next phase of production.

The parameters used in the control of the raw meal are lime saturation factor, silica modulus and iron modulus. These are actually proportions of the various chemical components which are desired in the resultant clinker. The formulae being :

LSF = = 0.90 - 0.96
SM = = 2.0 - 2.8
IM = = 1.3 - 2.2

As coal is used as a fuel the coal ash, a combustion product of the coal, has to be treated as an individual raw material component and the appropriate corrections made at the weigh-feeder stage.


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